Resource Materials

Millers River Watershed Council

River Flow information: USGS Find flows in the Millers Watershed.

2018 MRPC Brownfields Assessment Report Summary  –  Millers River Watershed Sites. MRWC serves on brownfields advisory group.  Link. 

2018 Trib-Watch/Adopt a Stream Temp/pH summary. 2018 Adopt a Stream Data

2017 Bacteria Report. Link

2017 Macroinvertebrate report. Link.

2017 Trib-Watch stream temperature & pH data. Link.

2015 Bac-T data. Link

2015 Trib-Watch stream temperature data. Link.

MRWC releases 2014 Bacteria Sampling Report. We are pleased to share our 2014 Report with the watershed community. We sampled 9 sites and in general the river continues to present itself as a great place to explore. Summary Report

2014 Volunteer Stream Temperarure Report

2014 Data-logger Stream Temperature Report

2014 Volunteer BMI report

2013 Bac-T report

2013 Stream Temperature Report

2012 Bacteria report. MRWC sampled at 16 sites in 2012.

Prong-Gill-Mayflies-web2005-09 Macro-Invertebrate survey report. This report highlights the health of the watershed’s rivers and streams by sampling the type and density of aquatic insects, which are good indicators of stream health.

2011 Bacteria Monitoring Report.  MRWC performed sampling at 9 sites on the Millers and Otter Rivers to determine the bactrialogical health of the rivers with a focus on recreational use. This report highlights and interprets the results. A summary report is also available.

Millers River 5-Year Watershed Action Plan 2004-09
This report by the Millers River Watershed Advisory Committee was released in September, 2004, and includes a wealth of watershed information. Key findings and recommendations are organized into the following categories: Water Quantity, Water Quality, Wildlife Habitat & Biodiversity, Land Use and Growth, Open Space and Recreation, and Public Education/Outreach.

2000 Water Quality Assessment Report
This report by the Mass. DEP, released in 2004, provides extensive information and data relating to the main waterways of the Millers River and its tributaries. Go to the site and click “water quality assessment” in the “watershed planning” section. Then scroll down to the Millers River report.  The base document and appendices may be downloaded separately.

Lakes & Ponds of Worcester-Monadnock Plateau, 2006. Comparative limnology and patterns of aquatic plant diversity.

Lake Rohunta Natural Resource Inventory, 2000

Surf Your Watershed
The “Surf Your Watershed” site was designed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a service to help you locate, use, and share environmental information about your state and watershed.

This USEPA site contains a wealth of information about watersheds, from the most basic to the highly technical.

The Water Resources Research Center 
Based at UMass, the WRRC supports research, education, and outreach on water resources issues of state, regional, and national importance.

The Massachusetts Water Watch Partnership
The MWWP provides training and other technical assistance to citizen organizations who conduct water quality monitoring programs on the lakes, rivers, and estuaries of Massachusetts.

“Backyard Environmental Education” –  Has great information for kids & students to help them explore and learn about the environment.

This is a federal water resources web site.