Blue Trail Project

Millers River Blue Trail LogoMRWC  began in 2011 a project to encourage people to discover the Millers Watershed. A blue trail is where the water is the path and a watercraft is the means of exploration.

A blue trail (also known as blueway or water trail) is a dedicated stretch of river that enjoys special clean water safeguards and is a destination for fishing, boating and other recreation. Just as hiking trails are designed to help people explore the land, blue trails help people discover rivers. Blue trails provide a fun, exciting way to get kids outdoors, connect communities to treasured landscapes, and are economic drivers benefiting local businesses and quality of life. (American Rivers)

The first phase of this project is the Miller River Blue Trail which runs from Athol to Orange, or Orange to Athol, for some. In 2012 MRWC  mobilized a trail stewardship team to care for this first trail segment. The Blue Trail Guide for this stretch is available at a variety of locations.

MRWC continues to prepare new blue trail segments on the Millers & Otter Rivers.  Plans for The Upper Millers River Blue Trail running from Winchendon to Birch Hill Dam and Baldwinville to BHD began in 2014 and is now nearly complete in 2017. 

Our first Otter River Blue Trail access is on Plant Rd in Templeton. With the cooperation of both the City of Gardner and the Town of Templeton, this simple natural paddling launch was set up in June 2012. Since then, MRWC has partnered with the City of Gardner to prepare an ORBT from the Otter River Conservation area near the airport, down to Bridge/Turner Streets. Final trail work is bringing this near to completion.

Take a look at the trail guide for the Upper Millers/Lower Otter and the Upper Otter Blue Trails: mrwc-5-8-17-UMLO guide