Millers River Watershed CouncilEducation is a core part of MRWC’s mission. Whether its providing in-person watershed presentations to schools and community groups, meeting with local officials or sharing information through the web or other public media, MRWC aims to make sure all watershed residents and stakeholders have access to the information they need.

To help spread the word, educate local communities and engage local residents in watershed stewardship activities, MRWC staff are available to make presentations to your local town or group on any of its main projects: The Millers River and Otter River Blue Trails, Water Quality Monitoring, and Practical Approaches to Stormwater Reduction.  Contact us if you would like to schedule a presentation.

Enviroscape 3-D Watershed Kit Presentations.  Since 2007, MRWC has made watershed presentations to over 2000 students in public schools throughout the Millers Watershed. The basic presentation focuses on how a watershed functions hydrologically, the impacts of various pollutants, and practical ways to avoid or reduce the entry of these pollutants into local waterways. Presentations can also be customized, for example to include a groundwater component.

Students work with the Enviroscape kit, Gardner

MRWC uses an Enviroscape watershed model to illustrate the issues of runoff and stormwater.

Could your school or group benefit from a presentation on watershed science? What would you like to know about the Millers River and its watershed? MRWC can offer presentations to help you better understand the Millers River Basin. Basin is another word for watershed.