Millers River Watershed CouncilFor the last decade, MRWC has taken a proactive approach to protecting water quality and building a stewardship ethic that encourages local residents to be involved in watershed protection.  Our main programmatic activities focus on promoting river recreation, volunteer water monitoring and education. MRWC also maintains a commitment to advocacy on behalf of individuals or community groups that bring issues to our attention.

In 2011 MRWC initiated three new projects that continue and expand these efforts:

  • The Millers River Blue Trail Project brings together recreation and education to help local residents and visitors get the most out of our first-class local rivers. Local residents also have the opportunity to engage in various stewardship opportunities to protect and enhance the quality of the rivers.
  • The Bacteria Monitoring Program on the Millers and Otter Rivers is an example of volunteer stewardship in the watershed.  Community members were trained to collect samples of river water at strategic locations.  Analysis of the collected samples indicates the quality of the water in terms of the presence of bacteria.
  • The Stormwater Pollution Reduction Project is a joint project of MRWC and the Montachusett Regionial Planning Commission (MRPC), that is providing technical support and training to 10 municipalities in the Worcester County portion of the Millers Watershed.